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Newsletter June 16. 2010
New low priced products, Twitter and green servers
Now Clipping Path's for less than $2

We have introduced our latest product - clipping path where file will be returend in JPG format with a delivery time of 72 hours. The smaller file size and slower delivery means we can slash the price to $1.99 pr. image! Again and as always - no matter how complex the picture is*

The product is availble NOW for our Professional clients with FTP access and exstimated on the 1. July for Web Access clients.

If you have forgotten your login details - here they are again:

Web-upload: http://www.uclip.com/ - upload via browser for web access clients.

For our professional clients only:
FTP server: ftp://ftp.uclip.com
Flow server: http://flow.uclip.com

Follow uClip on Twitter

We have setup our Twitter Account. Follow us and know what we are up to. We will try to keep postings relevant. But we will post the small news and the big news there.
Go to our twitter feed and follow us.
A greener data center

Since our last newsletter we have upgraded a lot. We have moved to a green (or at least greener) data center - and converted our servers into servers with low power consumption. We have decreased our power consumption to 25% of what it used to be - and we have INCREASED processing speed and storage with 300%

That pays off on the environment and it pays off on our electricity bill.
Email: support@uclip.com
Website: http://www.uclip.com/

*All uClip products are covered by a fair usage policy - only to ensure that our "1-price-per-picture" policy is not used as dumping ground for only pictures like bicycles and christmas trees. In the 5 years of service we have so far only enforced the policy 5 times.
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