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Q: My images are returned, but the background is still there?
A: Open the image in Adobe PhotoShop and click:
Window (in top menu) --> Paths
Right click "path 1" --> Make Selection --> OK
Edit --> Copy
File --> New --> Background Contents --> Transparent (or other color) --> OK
Edit --> Paste

If this doesn't solve your problem, you can report the image for error inspection on the download page.

Q: Do I need PhotoShop to use uClip Clipping Path Service?
A: Not necessarily. But you need a program which can handle clipping paths and layers. We only use and support Adobe PhotoShop.

Q: I get "time out error" when I upload large images?
A: The Upload function times out after 30 minutes. If you upload large images on a slow internet connection or many images at the same time you should use our FTP solution. Contact support@uclip.com and state your username, billing address and phone number. Then we set up a FTP account for you (free).

Q: How do I set up my FTP account?
A: uClip does not supply user support for FTP configurations. Contact your system administrator.

Q: Why can't I choose "transparent background for my Clipping Paths"?
A: The JPG- and EPS-format does not support transparent background. Save images in TIF- or PSD-format before upload.

Q: The area I wanted has not been removed in the Clipping Path?
A: Our graphic designers are good, but they cannot read minds :) If there can be any doubt about which areas to remove, then put a red line around the item in a separate layer (or keep good distance to the items). If you draw over the item we can not process the images. Example:

Q: I would like to have other changes made to my image?
A: uClip is developing other services, but at the moment we only supply clipping paths.

Q: Which image formats can I use for Clipping Paths?
A: You can use: PSD, TIF, EPS and JPG formats. But note that JPG and EPS does not support transparent background.

Q: Can I get my image back in another format?
A: No. uClip does not change format or size, unless image quality dictates it. In those cases we might return TIFF images!

Q: I have many images, which need to be processed. Can I get a discount?
A: If you have more than 100 clipping path images per month on a regular basis we offer special discounts. Contact support@uclip.com and state your username, billing address, phone number, and how many images you need processed. Then we make you a great offer

Q: I have other questions?
A: Contact support@uclip.com and we get back to you.