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Clipping Path Services from uClip Pro

It is not a secret but almost. uClip Pro caters to the professional segment such as Magazine publishers, Product Manufactures, Web Shops and Stock Image databases around the world. Right now we have more than 900+ clients using our professional clipping path services via FTP upload. Our clients range from publishing giants like Bonnier and Benjamin in Scandinavia to advertising agencies, photographers, and newspapers.

As a uClip Pro client you get:

  • Access to our 1GBit (very fast) FTP upload and download server
  • Monthly invoice (Credit Rating dependent)
  • Prices dependent on average volume - NOT on file complexity.
  • 24/7-365 file production. We work all the time Mon-Sun 24 hours a day - every single day.
  • Unique Flow and billing control system
    • Web access to check file status, view progress, report problems and get support
    • Export of job details for easy internal accounting to CSV files
    • Multi user access - 1 login for each publication of your 25? No problem..
    • Master Account - View all activates on ALL your publications from 1 master user)
    • Split or combined billing
    • Integration with most advanced Magazine and Newspaper publishing systems.
    • Minimum 14 days file backup - even if you  delete your own file by accident - we have a backup!
  • A multitude of services
    • Delivery times from 1 to 24 hours
    • Clipping Path services in many different classifications.
      • Standard Clipping path with transparent, white background or with white background and drop shadow
      • Clipping Path with Layer mask
      • Clipping Path with Black or White reflection
      • Clipping path with crop-to-size (Perfect for webshops)
    • Full Image Masking Services
    • Image to Vector conversion services
    • Logo to Vector conversion
    • Product Photo to Line Art services
    • Image Enhancement services
    • Photo Restoration
    • Or if you need special work done - we can create a special work queue for you. We do need a some volume to warrant setting up extra work queues and Quality Control Parameters.
  • Automatic 2 step quality control + random inspection
  • Our world class e-mail and telephone support service in English, German and Scandinavian languages
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It is quick and free to create an uClip Clipping Path Account. Get started right now and receive your first images with Clipping Path within 24 hours. FIRST image is free! If you want to get a professional account right away - email us at support@uclip.com

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Q: I have other questions?
A: Contact support@uclip.com and we get back to you.