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uClip is an online Clipping Path service, which removes image backgrounds for web and print usage. We are professional graphic designers and deliver images in outstanding quality within 24 hours.

uClip is used by many major publishing houses worldwide. They save time and money and benefit from our high quality standards. If you need references do not hesitate to contact us.

You get:

* A supplier with more than 6 years experience in Graphics Outsourcing
* More than 800 900 satisfied clients worldwide trust our service.
* European support in English, German or Danish language
* ONE price pr. Image. Who cares about complexity?
* We supply many individual products from image masking to vector art


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What our Clients says about our Clipping Path Service:

The publisher Benjamin uses the Professional Clipping Path services from Frozien and uclip.com for our 15 magazines which includes world wide titles like Cosmopolitan, FHM and a range of other high end lifestyle magazines. The service is quick and integrated in our flow system for easy access for our entire graphics department.

Production Manager

A selection of publications from Forlaget Benjamin for the Scandinavian Market:

Clipping Path service for Arena Clipping Path for Cosmopolitan Clipping Path services for FHM